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Very simply…there is NO PERFECT ‘ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL’ diet. We are all unique, bringing our own health history and lifetime of experience to the table. The ‘perfect’ dietary solution for one individual may be intolerable for another.

Having reviewed countless articles and based on my own professional experience, there are positive health outcomes (for certain individuals) associated with ALL of the following diets:

-The Mediterranean diet

-The Paleo Diet/Primal Diet/Auto-immune Protocol

-The ketogenic diet

-Plant-based diets

-The low-FODMAP- diet

-The GAPS diet

The aforementioned diets are vastly different – they are also open to interpretation and application. It is a matter of selecting the right diet for the right person. “One man’s panacea may be another man’s poison” The one unifying feature of all these diets (which I believe may hold the key to their success) is the emphasis on FRESH, SEASONAL WHOLEFOODS and the absence of processed, refined “foods’ and artificial additives.


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