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Functional Nutrition & Natural Health

Hi I’m Jane. I am a Functional Nutrition and Natural Health Consultant. I am a member of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

Briefly About me

A mother. A nature lover.  A foodie. A conservationist. An enthusiastic rather than accomplished organic gardener. Having children in my late 30’s, I was personally motivated to ‘age well'. I was also determined to raise healthy, happy, and resilient children. 


A desire to optimize my own health and my family led me on my own natural health journey.

I have qualified and practiced for over 2 decades as a Physiotherapist before attaining post-graduate certification in Nutrition and Environmental Medicine and Applied Functional Nutrition.


I am committed to professional development and have a particular interest in Gut health and the Microbiome, and the relationship of gut health to every other body system. I am a Cell-logic Accrededited Clinician and Microba Practitioner.

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Reaching Optimum Health, Vitality and Function through Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Intervention

Functional nutrition attempts to identify the CAUSE of ill health and address it at the root. While functional nutrition honors the powerful nature of ‘food as medicine,’ it also respects that there is more to health than what you eat. A functional nutritionist will also consider your personal ‘story,’ gut health, stress levels, sleeping habits, exercise, toxic exposure, and overall environment.

Image by Paulina H.

 Functional nutrition aims to restore balance and support healing at a cellular level by

Promoting gut health 

and Optimising dietary nutrient intake and absorption

Utilizing natural interventions to restore optimum circadian rhythm and sleep

Supporting healthy lifestyle choices including exercise and functional movement

Improving stress resilience

Areas of interests

Gut health and the microbiome



An Older Woman Bathing in. the Sea



Lazy Morning



Children's health

and development

Children in Yoga Class



Light and Shadow Portrait

Make an appointment

Consultations are available at Moree Artesian Wellness Centre (by prior arrangement), or remotely.